Munitions Response

BSEn's Munitions Response Services Division supports a wide range of Unexploded Ordnance Clean-up, Range Management and Remediation Services throughout the country. Our experienced crews are able to mobilize quickly to meet the challenges presented to them. We also work with area recycling facilities to maximize clean-up efforts for an environment friendly disposal of all materials.




  • Safe and Environmentally Sensitive Demilitarization
  • Sorting, Recycling of Range Scrap, UXO/OE waste, and Other Debris
  • Geophysical Surveys, Surface Clearance Surveys, Mapping and GPS Data Collection
  • Surface and Subsurface Clearance of UXOs
  • Range Cleanup, Operations and Maintenance
  • Property and Equipment Management
  • Target Preparation and Positioning
  • Demilitarization and Clean-up of Targets