Employee of the Quarter
- 1st Qtr 2017

Tommy Elings- ECTS Video Teleconference Technician
Eielson AFB, AK


Job Performance

  • Outstanding technician conducted 160 flawless VTC events and briefings
    • Organized multiple special secure VTCs to Southwest Asia and Korea locations  flawlessly established bridge connections, placed test calls and ensured timely events
    • Established and expanded new direct VTC links to 11th AF ALCOM at JBER
    • VTC lauded for hosting 27 events in 3 separate suites for RF 17-3 Planning conference, received appreciation letter from team chief and staff; Navy Special Warfare representative said it was the best planning conference he had ever seen!
  • Marvelous job helping the customer look great and present well---examples:
    • Facilitated commendable Congressional Staff Delegation briefings which included representatives from 10 Congressmen including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
    • Accommodated the Eielson AFB 2017 Hennessy Award finalist presentation with over 200 enthusiastic people in attendance
    • Assisted Base Fuel Shop personnel with VTC practice sessions to better their presentation skills.  The Air Force Petroleum Agency rated Eielson in the top three!
    • Aided 354 Medical Group with high quality briefing to USAF Surgeon General
  • Initiated timely installation of 13 Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units in 3 VTC suites.  This should rule out any future catastrophic power failure issues for the customer
  • Expertly coordinated removal and replacement of 36 -100 lb. batteries to Oklahoma Range WISS sites under brutal arctic winter conditions with limited useful daylight available
    • Coordinated remote site snow removal to allow trucks to remove 3600 lbs. of batteries with minimal physical stress or threat to employees’ safety
    • Led team effort to replace 36 batteries in under three hours which enabled cameras to be back on line with absolutely no impact to critical operational support!
  • Coordinated well with off-station Corona Team by receiving and prepositioning equipment to ensure WISS and IRSSS upgrade quality
  • Identified an outage in the Laser Video Recording System (LVRS) thru aggressive troubleshooting which unearthed a fiber optic relay power problem
    • Immediate repair and re-established power brought the system back up to 100%.
  • Flawlessly accomplished very extensive repairs to thermoelectric generators (TEG) on Oklahoma range O.P.s 26 and 27
    • Identified, repaired, and replaced parts to bring up functioning TEG at each site---this charged the batteries overnight to allow for successful missions in the next morning

Self Improvement

  • Currently completing preparation for CompTia Network + certification
  • Initiated research on programming of Cisco Codex to support system wide upgrade