Employee of the Quarter
- 1st Qtr 2017

Mark Jarvis- ACTS Computer Operator
Eglin AFB, FL


Job Performance

  • Outstanding performer supported over 546 aircraft sorties and local exercises consisting of Combat Hammer, Skull War, Gulf Coast "Rage Fest" and a Combat Archer Exercise all while maintaining a perfect 100% Sortie Effectiveness rate!
    • Supported the employment of 12 A-10's from Moody AFB this quarter, 54 Sorties flown while participating in the Combat Hammer Exercise
  • Instrumental in the completion of TCTO 43D17-5-19-531 on Eglin P5 pods and Remote Range Units, replacing the inadequate slide locks with robust screw lock connectors, key to our 100% Effectiveness Rate this quarter
  • Responsible for daily coordination with Gulfport and Tyndall Computer Operators in support of Joint training exercises and the Gulf Coast Rage Fest with F-15’s from the Louisiana Air National Guard’s 122nd Fighter Squadron
    • Programed P5 Data Recording Devices with Gulfport participant IDs and dual Eglin/Gulfport data link frequencies ensured both locations received error free tracking throughout the exercise
  • Key to successful accomplishment of Combat Hammer’s Maritime “SWARM” exercise, he provided an ICADS debrief by merging 35 individual boat tracks transmitted via cell phones converted to an EAG file with P5 Live Monitor recorded aircraft data
  • Technical expert, upgraded Live Monitor computers with the latest version of ICADS and provided comprehensive training to Range Training Officers on its enhanced “Right Click” RTO tools
    • Detected an issue with how Special Points and Alert Arrows were applied across the Network with this new version and notified Cubic for a fix, resolution coming in the next release    
  • Dedicated supporter of multiple Flight Test programs, works closely with Test Wing Engineers providing them with vital Time/Space Positioning data meticulously downloaded and converted from P5 Data Recording Devices
  • Awarded for Outstanding support to Eglin P5 Program Office during the March 2017 ACTS WG for his efforts on various projects; P5 dedicated flight test missions, end cap redesign, screw-on connectors, P5/Cellular frequency interference testing, GNP-10 harvest,  ADIU software testing, and M&S lab simulator testing


  • His self-study of the Windows 7 Operating System procedures for user account creation, peer to peer network configuration and system administrative tools allowed for a smooth transition from the non-supported Windows XP Operating System
  • Completing studies for his CompTia A+ recertification in 2017